Beautifully Hand Crafted In Cornwall

It's so frustrating ...

It seems like forever when we made the decision to create a hand crafted soap business.

It's not that we haven't been bothered to work on it - just that there's so much to do!

We want the products to be unique and for each bar of soap, bath bomb or candle to be something you'll appreciate and enjoy.

This means spending hours just on the concept for each creation - and that's before the maths and science begins.

Once we have the concept perfected we have to start working out complex formulas and ratios of ingredients to ensure not just that the product looks and smells great but so that it is safe to use and enjoy - and then they all have to be sent to the lab for testing before we can produce the final product for sale.

Thanks for bearing with us. We have just sent our first batch of recipes to the lab and we are already working on the next set and also thinking about new ideas for after that.

It will be good to have the shop open - so we can share our creations with you.

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Thank you.